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Professional Boudoir Photography in La Jolla

Enjoy a new and inspiring experience and get lavish shots.

Allow yourself to embrace your body, feel fantastic in your own skin, and indulge in a process that makes you feel like a goddess. Be it your bachelorette party celebration or a gift to your partner, intimate boudoir pictures render stunning results.

Masterful and empowering sessions

Our fine arts photographer boasts over a decade of experience specializing in intimate boudoir photography. Zeynep Dogu enjoys encouraging women of all backgrounds, sizes, and ages to feel great and cherish their own bodies. She’ll help you through the session step by step, answer any questions you may have, and work with you to highlight your loveliest features in a way you’ve always wanted.

Why reach out to us for your boudoir pictures in La Jolla

When you choose to work with us, you’re in for more than just a photo session. You’ll enjoy a completely a personalized experience that begins with an in-person or virtual meeting, includes a pampering hair and make-up treatment by our skilled team, and finishes with impressive pictures that highlight your natural beauty. It’s a perfect way to cherish an important moment in your life.

Learn more about our process

We schedule an in-person or Zoom consultation to get to know more about you and your idea.

Our team gets your make-up and hair done & photographed at our private studio.

We set up a session where you can view and select your favorite intimate boudoir pictures.

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Fill out this short form to book your free consultation and learn more about the process before commencing the shoot. Let us know all about your preferences and desires, and let us make them all come true.


How long do boudoir sessions last? 

While an intimate boudoir photography session in La Jolla typically lasts three to four hours, it depends on the package you choose. It takes time for the team to prepare your make-up and hair, set any lighting or props, pick your outfit, and you may want some time to relax.

What does boudoir photography mean? 

Boudoir pictures are a form of intimate professional photography that flatters the curves and beauty of your body. Boudoir comes from French, meaning a lady’s private dressing room, thus inspiring the intimacy of this fine arts genre.

How many outfits do you need for boudoir? 

Feel free to bring outfits of different styles, colors, textures, and fabric and try them all out before your intimate boudoir photography session in La Jolla. However, you can also choose some of our amazing outfits that are at your disposal.

Why should every woman do a boudoir shoot? 

Boudoir pictures celebrate who you are, they help you discover new confidence, view yourself from a fresh perspective, step out of your comfort zone, and have fun. Every woman deserves such an empowering experience.

Who is the top boudoir photographer in La Jolla & beyond? 

Portraits by Z | Boudoir & Maternity Photography is the team you can count on for gorgeous boudoir photographs to surprise your partner or keep a loving memory of your pregnancy.

Whether you live close to the Museum of Contemporary Arts or near the Torrey Pines Golf Course, feel free to contact Zeynep and schedule your initial consultation. You can reach us across the area, for intimate boudoir pictures in Rancho Santa Fe or gorgeous boudoir photography in Encinitas. Give us a call today!