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4 Things to Avoid Before Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Stepping into a boudoir in San Diego marks the beginning of a magical journey, one that celebrates self-expression and confidence. Whether you’ve already circled the date on your calendar or are still gathering insights before you book your session, you must be wondering about how to prepare for it. The guide below will offer some helpful tips, focusing on what to avoid before your special boudoir photoshoot. Read on!

What not to do before a boudoir photo shoot?

The true magic of intimate portraits is not in staging perfection, but in capturing the raw moments. As the day approaches and the excitement builds, it’s only natural for preparations to weigh on your mind. To help with this, the guide below offers advice to ensure that during your session, it’s your natural charm and beauty that take center stage. Here’s what you shouldn’t do before your photo session:


1. Make drastic changes in appearance

Hey, we get the appeal. The thought of a fresh tan or a brand-new hairstyle may seem tempting. But real talk? A drastic change doesn’t always paint the picture you envision. Remember that the spotlight in these sessions is on celebrating you and your natural beauty. 

So, if you’re tempted by going for an intense tan, just remember – while it may seem like a quick route to that radiant glow, it can be unpredictable and may not dance well with the lens. And really, is exposing yourself to the risks of tanning for a fleeting look even a good idea? That’s just not worth it. Embrace your authenticity, because it’s the most enchanting canvas.

2. Crash diet or overfocus on exercise

Do you feel like you need to start a rigorous diet or an extreme fitness regime? There’s no need! Not only is that one of the most common myths of boudoir photography, but these diets and regimes could even harm your health. 

Your photographer’s lens doesn’t seek perfection. This journey is about emotions, stories, and authenticity. Every curve, every freckle, every scar – they all tell a story and are perfect as they are. Every inch of you is a celebration, ready to be captured. 

3. Overthink your wardrobe selection

Amidst the preparations, it may be tempting to embark on an extensive lingerie shopping spree for your boudoir session. But pause for a moment, darling! In the world of intimate portraits, the essence of beauty often lies in simplicity, and loading up on extravagant fabrics and complex patterns isn’t always the ticket to the perfect snapshot. 

Before setting off on a shopping odyssey, why not check in with your studio? They understand how different fabrics play with the camera and may even have the perfect pieces, carefully selected to enhance your natural allure. Remember, the true art lies in your beauty and charm, and the silk and lace you wear are only there to accentuate it!

4. Not prioritize your comfort & well-being

Now, while your session doesn’t call for any extensive preparations, there’s something crucial you shouldn’t overlook – your health and well-being. No sugarcoating: skipping on sleep, forgoing meals, or indulging in wild celebrations the night before may not be the best way to start your day in the spotlight


Sure, a skilled artisan behind the lens knows how to create stunning captures regardless, but this is about more than just the images. It’s about how you feel during this journey. Imagine trying to bask in the glow of the lights while you’re tired, hungry, or nursing a hangover. Comfort is key, and that starts with taking care of you.

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