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Lavish Boudoir Photography in Encinitas

Showcase your unique beauty through captivating images.

Treat yourself to an empowering experience at our luxurious studio. Our expert boudoir photographer will be there to help you look and feel confident in your own skin, creating stunning images you’ll cherish forever.

Discover a new level of self-expression with our help

Our boudoir photography is custom crafted with an artistic eye to ensure that each client in Encinitas and the area finds their own expression of beauty. We take pride in creating a safe space that you can feel comfortable being yourself in front of our camera lens. We strive to create powerful photos that showcase each client’s unique sensuality and sexuality. Every image we produce is carefully thought out from start to finish so that it reflects the individual’s beauty and confidence fully.

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Why should we be your go-to experts for boudoir pictures in Encinitas?

Our professional boudoir photographer, Zeynep, has years of experience in working with individuals just like you to create beautiful images that will leave you feeling empowered and proud. We strive to make sure every detail is thoughtfully crafted to capture your true essence. We also use only high-end equipment which ensures that your photos will be crisp, vibrant, and breathtakingly beautiful every time. You can count on all of our sessions to take place at private, pleasant locations with plenty of natural light or studio lighting options, providing you with complete privacy while still producing breathtaking results.

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What our process looks like

At this stage, we will discuss what kind of session you desire to ensure that we fully understand your vision for your boudoir pictures before the day of shooting.

After our initial consultation phase has been completed, it’s time to begin preparation for the actual shoot day. This includes makeup, outfit, props and setup planning.

On the shooting day, our pros offer both direction and encouragement throughout the session so you feel comfortable and confident with yourself.

Easily schedule an intimate boudoir sessions in Encinitas

Fill out an info form and we’ll call you as soon as possible to discuss your appointment in detail. Once you state all your wishes, preferences and needs, we’ll be ready to get going.


How many outfits do you need for a boudoir shoot? 

You can change as many outfits as you like during a shoot of boudoir photography in Encinitas. Whether you bring your own pieces, use something from our collection, or mix and match, we’ll make sure you look your best in each combination.

How long should a boudoir session last? 

The typical duration of a boudoir session is around two hours. If a client has any special wishes or the shoot is more detailed, this may take a bit longer. Even if the shoot takes a bit longer, rest assured that the boudoir portraits you’ll receive will be worth it.

Do you wear shoes to a boudoir shoot? 

Depending on the idea and style of your shoot, you’ll arrange whether you need shoes or not with our boudoir photographer in Encinitas. For some styles, it would make sense to use high heels, while for others it would make more sense to take your pics barefoot.

How to pose as a curvy woman? 

We’ll help you find poses that feel natural and show off your curves in the best way. Whether it’s a standing pose with a hand on the hip to accentuate your waist or a sitting pose that shows off your silhouette, plus-size boudoir focuses on what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Our stunning plus-size boudoir portraits in Encinitas will capture your genuine beauty in a style that feels like you.

How much should I expect to pay for boudoir photos? 

In general, the cost of your boudoir photos in Encinitas can vary depending on the photographer’s experience and any included extras like hair and makeup or special location settings. We’ve made the prices at our boudoir studio reasonable for the quality that you’ll get. Feel free to tell us your requirements and then ask for a quote.

What is the best color to wear for pictures? 

You can wear any color you like for your boudoir photography shoot. The typical recommendation is to wear something that you know suits you. For example, some people look amazing in red, while others find that red washes them out and green highlights their best features. If you’re unsure what to choose, our pros are here to help.

Where in Encinitas and the surrounding area can I find a skilled boudoir photographer? 

You can rely on Portraits by Z to make you look your best and feel amazing both during the shoot and afterward. As one of the leading boudoir photographers in San Diego, we can offer our services in a wide range of areas. 

This means that you can count on us whether you need premium images at Del Mar or stunning images at La Jolla. Take a walk at Moonlight State Beach or Manchester Preserve and complete your beautiful, fun-filled day. Reach out to us today and schedule your free consultation!